Confidence Building: How to Manage Your Inner Negative Voice

Believe it or not, every single one of us has that nagging, little negative voice inside our heads. Some people just manage it better than others.

That’s why today I want to give you some tips that will change your life for the better and that will help you manage that inner negative voice for good.

1. Identify What Your Inner Voice Says

Before you can manage your negative inner voice, you first have to be aware of what it’s saying. This means that you should identify when your negative voice is most critical. Which areas in your life are you most hard on yourself? It’s important that you discover what your self-attacks are aimed at and that you face that hostility.

2. Know Where the Voice is Coming From

Once you’ve identified the hostility, this will help you find the source of these self-attacks. They’re often deep and so integrated that we don’t even notice where they come from anymore, but it’s important that we do. More often than not, these feelings are old and we formed this attitude very early in life; whether that’s because someone used to say those things to you or because that was the atmosphere that you grew up in. Either way, recognizing that the voices often come from outside influence can help you develop some much needed compassion for yourself.

3. Respond to Your Inner Negative Voice

Most of the time, we don’t respond to the negative inner voice, but that’s exactly what we should do. The only way to correct these thoughts and ideas is to set them straight whenever they pop up. If you hear the voice is saying “You’re so stupid. No one’s interested in your thoughts!”, respond by saying “I’m not stupid. My thoughts matter and they have value, so I will share them!”. If you do this constantly, the negative inner voice will lose strength little by little.

4. Understand How the Inner Voice Influences You

Your inner negative voice has been affecting your life for a long time. It’s not until you start fighting back that you realize this fact. That’s why it’s important to look back and analyze the way your inner negative voice has been influencing your life so you can see what limits you’ve imposed on yourself.

5. Getting Rid of Your Limits

Once you’ve identified the limits you’ve imposed on yourself, you can begin to rewrite them and change them, or get rid of them altogether. The only limits you have are the ones you set for yourself, so make sure you’re always either pushing those limits, or stop engaging in that sort of behavior for good. Remind yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to and reflect on all the times you’ve done exactly that.

Managing your inner voice is all about taking control of your own mind and deciding the kind of thoughts you have about yourself. This can be difficult at first, but if you’re constant, you will get there.

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