How Much Body Language Influences Your Life

Module 2: 20 Lessons of Body Language to Look Confident Instantly

How Much Body Language Influences Your Life

You likely don't realize how much body language influences your life. You're not alone either as only a small number of people are aware of it. Recent research shows that 60-90 percent of communication is nonverbal. Body language is the unspoken form of communication where you express your thoughts, intentions, and feelings through your body movements and gestures (your physical behaviors). As body language signals how you truly feel, it is considered the most important aspect of communication. Indeed, your subconscious mind controls your body language and does not always coincide to what you say verbally.

You can master body language for more confidence and successful interactions with other people, and I will show you how in the following lessons. A powerful standing position, for example, is to use expansive, open body language movements; you take up more space in the environment, which helps you project spirit and capability.

This example shows just one type of movement. Body language comes with a range of motions that you can apply to appear more confident. In this module, you will learn twenty effective movements to look instantly more confident. By practising and applying those principles regularly, you'll build a confident appearance and feel how it positively impacts your inner confidence.

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