Introduction & Course Overview

Course Overview

Before we dive in, let's start with a quick course overview, so you can see how the Fabylis® How to Walk in Heels Online Course is built and what you will learn, step by step.

Module 1: Posture - Get the Perfect Posture
In this module, you will learn about the seven principles that allow you to achieve a perfect, and healthy posture.

Module 2: Body Coordination of Walking - Master a Stunning Walk in Heels and Flats
In Module 2, you will learn how to find your balance, as well as coordinate and control each part of your body so that you look stunning, feminine, and confident walking in heels and flats.

Module 3: Runway Walk - Turn Your Walk into a Runway Walk
You will learn in this module about small adjustments and add-ons that can turn your everyday way of walking into an amazing runway walk.

Module 4: Exercises - Perfect Body Coordination and Get in Your Best Shape
Module 4 will reveal exercises to help you master body coordination and control, as well as strengthen, lengthen, and tone, your entire body.

Module 5: Tips & Tricks - Walk Comfortably
I will give you my best tips and tricks in Module 5 for walking comfortably in heels and flats, in addition to providing you with the best foot care, and pain relief techniques.

Resources - My Personal Resource List
In the last module, I will share my personal resource list with you, which includes where to buy the best high heel insoles and other foot-related items, as well as additional informative sources to help you.

Glossary - A Complete List of Terms
A full list of important terms from the lessons forms the glossary section. Refer to the glossary whenever you want to find out more about significant words and phrases in the course.

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