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  Lesson 2: Second Principle - Brush

Lesson 2: Second Principle - Brush

Always brush your legs! As a woman, you don't want to walk with wide open legs as it does not look feminine or sexy. The term brush means that you show NO space between your legs when walking and keep your legs closed.


  • From the previous exercise, you've learned to be balanced. Now, again, stand with the right leg forward and keep the left leg behind. Your entire weight has to be on the right front leg (the standing leg). In other words, your center of gravity is now completely on the right front leg.
  • Now, move the left leg forward, led by the left knee. While moving the left leg forward, your left and right knees, thighs, and lower legs must touch each other so that your legs stay closed while crossing over. Also, keep your ankles turned inwards and touch them to one other. (Be aware that certain types of shoe material are sticky and might make it difficult for your ankles to touch. In this case, don't fully close your ankles to avoid falling).
  • Control yourself in the mirror to make sure you don't lose your posture while doing this exercise.
  • Take a look at the right/wrong pictures below and compare yourself with them. Does it look about the same?
  • Do the same exercise, now with your other leg. Repeat.
  • Stand on your full toe area and repeat the entire exercise.
  • Once you understand this principle, move on to the Third Principle - Foot Placement.