Exercise 4: Pendule

Exercise 4: Pendule
Improves Your Hip Swing


✔︎ Improves posture
✔︎ Increases hip swing
✔︎ Strengthens inner/outer abdominals, lower back, upper back and deltoid (shoulder)
✔︎ Increases flexibility in pelvis and hips


  • During this entire exercise, maintain your posture and keep your arms at a 90-degree angle in front of you with your elbows up the entire time. You can also keep your hands crossed. Keep tension in your entire body the whole time.
  • While doing this exercise, you should feel your abdominals, lower back, upper back and deltoid muscles.
  • Stand with your both legs straight and open in position; keep a space between your feet while slightly turning out your feet. Your full weight (center of gravity) is between your legs.
  • Isolate your upper body from your hips and push your hips out as much as you can. Alternate ONLY your hips to the left and right sides.
  • Control yourself in the mirror and take a look at the right/wrong pictures below. Compare yourself with the pictures. Does it look about the same?
  • Repeat the full exercise multiple times.
  • Now, stand on your full toe area and repeat the entire exercise.
  • Once you feel comfortable, put on your heels and repeat the exercise. Make sure always to work your way up from a lower to higher heel.

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