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The Ultimate Women's Online Course to Looking Confident Instantly and Become More Attractive. For Extroverts, Introverts, and Shy Women.

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Look more confident and attractive INSTANTLY. Finally, you can give a strong, confident image to the world as you sit at your office desk, talk with co-workers, dine out on a date, or do any other activity in your life, thanks to this in-depth body language course!

Learn how body language boosts confidence and attractiveness to live a more successful life and make the best impression possible. Invite amazing opportunities your way by showing yourself as a confident, attractive woman, who is capable and full of spirit!

Achieve the confidence you crave, starting from the first day you use the course and get on the path to a better you!


Based on Science & Real-World Experiences

The lessons and exercises with accompanying high-definition videos in the online course are based on the science of body language as a powerful communication tool. The principles have been proven in countless studies and are carried together in a single course that uses simple language rather than complex scientific wording.

Creator Ava Shani brings her decades of experience on dance stages and in the media spotlight to the course, addressing body language from head to toe. She shares the secrets of nonverbal communication, incorporates movements used personally in the media spotlight to exude an air of elegance and self- assurance, and offers valuable tips and resources.

Coming into Your Own True “You”

To be successful, a woman needs to be confident, both inside and out. And, sometimes what you DON'T say can be as important as what you say. This point is especially true for body language. While many women know how to express themselves verbally, far fewer understand the art of communicating a confident message through body language to attain what they want from life.

This course provides an amazing opportunity for you to overcome confidence issues and strengthen your sense of self. No special equipment is required, and women of any shape, size, age or background can start use this course that is helpful for introverts, shy women, and extroverts.

Instead, the focus is on understanding body movement and the messages different actions send to others, with the goal to radiate a more attractive and confident sense of self from the inside out. The total approach takes you from head to toe through the full range of nonverbal cues.


What You'll Learn

✔︎ How to Look More Confident and Attractive Instantly

✔︎ Female Body Language from Head to Toe
✔︎ Movements and Gestures that Exude Self-Assurance and Femininity

✔︎ Body Composition, Fitness, Ergonomics, Motor Control

✔︎ How to Make the Best First Impression Possible

✔︎ The Importance of Keeping Proper Posture
✔︎ The Difference between Outer and Inner Confidence
✔︎ How Body Language Impacts Your Inner Confidence

✔︎ How to Use Body Language as a Powerful Communication Tool

✔︎ Facial Signals to Exude Confidence
✔︎ How Body Language Influences Your Life
✔︎ Using Eye Contact to Improve First Impressions
✔︎ Arm and Hand Movements to Improve Confidence and Attractiveness
✔︎ How to Stop Looking Insecure
✔︎ How to Overcome Confidence Issues
✔︎ How to Strengthen Your Sense of Self
✔︎ Powerful Ways to Speak to Attract Positive Attention

✔︎ Resources and Products for a Confident and Attractive Self-Image
✔︎ Why Body Language is the Most Important Communication Tool
✔︎ And More!

What You'll Get

✔︎ 2 Fully Downloadable 70-Pages eBooks (High & Low Resolution)
✔︎ 20 Step-by-Step Video Lessons with In-Depth Accompanying Guides
✔︎ 66 Science-Based and Study-Proven Exercises
✔︎ Over 75min of High-Definition Videos
✔︎ Ava's Personal Resource Guide with Tips & Products (Downloadable)
✔︎ Full Glossary with a Complete List of Terms
✔︎ Lifetime Course Access
✔︎ Opportunity to Become a Fabylis® Partner & Earn 30% Commissions on Each Sale

"I’m Aaron Cash, choreographer of world-renowned Show “Ballet Revolución” and judge on the Australian TV Show “So You Think You Can Dance”. Ava's Fabylis® Body Language course is hands-down the best course to look and feel more confident and attractive, as well as to make the best possible impression everywhere, all in a nutshell. Definitely THE go-to course for both, professionals and non-professionals."

- Aaron Cash, Choreographer "Ballet Revolución" & Judge TV Show "So You Think You Can Dance Australia"

Your Instructor

Ava Shaní
Ava Shaní

Ava is a multiple award-winning professional ballroom dancer, choreographer, runway and model coach, and author.

With decades of experience in dance, entertainment, acting, and fashion, Ava has performed and taught all over the world, worked for top TV shows, including American Idol and Dancing with the Stars USA, was featured in various media outlets across Europe, Asia and the United States, lectured at Elementary Schools and Universities in Asia, and collaborated with renowned celebrities, such as Gloria Estefan, Sheila E., Carrie Ann Inaba, Nigel Lythgoe, Flii Stylz, and Lionel Deluy, as well as TV show contestants (American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance USA).

She is the author of several successful books and online courses with a portion of profits going toward girls’ education funds. Ava runs her business venture location independently, traveling the world as a digital nomad while following her passions for music and dance.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like and this course exists on this website - across any and all devices you own.
Are there any physical requirements?
No. The course is designed for every woman of any age and physical ability. However, you might want to consult a doctor before starting the online course, for your safety.

About the Creator

Ava understands body movement, from head to toe, after decades of professional dancing, teaching, and choreographing. Paired with her media experience and being in the entertainment world, Ava is the perfect person to create the amazing Fabylis® Body Language Online Course. She focuses on how self-control over the body can boost self-confidence and the image you portray to others, as well as improve your health and fitness.

The exercises in the revolutionary course come from Ava's extensive career experiences. She entered the dancing world at just four years old and would go on to win multiple awards related to dance and was a strong competitor at top pro dance competitions globally, including the World and European Championships, British Open, and Asian Open.

Ava is a world-acclaimed choreographer, with her choreography credits including American Idol and Dancing with the Stars USA. She taught runway walking, and pursued not only dance but also acting and modeling, as well as other facets of the entertainment industry.

"Words aren’t enough to depict my exact feeling. I’ve been an introvert and I hate it! I’ve been looking for ways to get out of it, at some point I felt there was nothing I could do but to live with it. Stumbling into Ava's body language online course, I can say it’s divine. I have made great improvements in socializing. Overall, I’m now a better communicator. Thank you, Ava!"

- Elizabeth Richards, Student

"At first, I was a bit skeptical to go for this course; I thought it was like every other course out there. I have tried so many courses online but failed. I’ve been longing to build my confidence as a woman and to improve my communication skills, I just want to be persuasive. All this I’ve gotten now from Ava's Body Language course. Now I understand that body language is a powerful communication tool. I’m so excited! Thanks for offering this great practical tips throughout."

- Rachael Jens, Student

"I’m not a very shy type, but whenever I’m in the midst of people I lack confidence in myself and this could be somewhat close to being shy. This situation has deprived me of so many things. I think all day about this. But now, Ava's Fabylis body language program has actually helped me to rewrite my story. It’s a super course, fully packed. I’m now that confident woman I want to be. I’m so glad I came across this course!"

- Clara Ahn, Student

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